Rabu, 27 Januari 2010

Wanderlust: Walking is Philosophizing


Since I don't own a car (yet), walking has been a major activity of my daily life.  Commuting from my hostel to the lecture theater,  or simply wandering around Jalan TAR has been my routine for the past 6 years. Through out this period of mobility, I can't simply shut off my mind from thinking about things that appear in my vision. Maybe some people would simply wandering heedlessly but for others walking is really a philosophizing activity to be enjoyed with. 

My former lecturer in UTP, Prof. Ahmad Murad Merican wrote an interesting article about this theme entitled "Walk the Thought". I used to come across the book entitled "Wanderlust" in the History section of Kinokuniya bookstore in KLCC but never bother much about it. But after reading Prof. Murad's article, now I realize, even a simple activity like walking and wandering could provide lots of benefits for our mind (and soul). 

Well in Islam we also have the concept of Rihla and mind you, this does not simply mean tourism in the secular sense where you lost touch from the Omnipresence. Maybe you would want to read Prof. Murad's article here to get a clearer picture about this topic.

Who says philosophy is only an armchair activity? 

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Hamba Allah berkata...

saya cadang agar HAKIM meneruskan lagi majlis ilmu malam sabtu yang dianjurkan oleh ISTAC dan dikuliahkan oleh Prof al Attas.

Kali ini HAKIM berkerjasama dengan PKPIM setiap kampus..

Minggu 1 - di UIA -Kelab Pemikir
M 2 - UM - PBMUM
M 3 -UPM
M4 - UKM

Kuliah dikuliahkan oleh anak murid Prof al Attas.


Rausyanfikir berkata...

Insyaallah. HAKIM ada plan sendiri.

✿qasru addini✿ berkata...