Ahad, 31 Januari 2010

Video: Isu nama Allah bersama YB Zulkifli Noordin

Rujuk juga makalah penuh Ustaz Md. Asham "Kalimah Allah: Antara Nama dan Hakikat"

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Unknown berkata...

In Malaysia, there are laws which we have all agreed upon, and voted for, that it is NOT a "democratic right" to do what one or a group pleases.

BTW, "democracy" as we understand it today, is brought about by Western-Christian worldview; NOT from the Chinese or Hindu Civilizations NOR from the Muslim civilization.

And by Western-Christian Worldview, we mean the whole of, and juxtaposition of Greek, Roman, Judaic, Christian, Pagan and Modern Philosophical Thoughts.

Unless the Catholic Church admits of secularization, and upholds the ideology of secularalism, which together are certainly opposed to the true & original Catholic dogma and doctrines; they have no basis in their evangelical and missionary objectives to simply import and translate "ontological terms" freely and without care.

They are doing a great INJUSTICE to their scholarship , dogma and doctrines.

St Thomas Aquinas and the great Church Fathers like St Augustine would cringed in their graves to see what these modern priests and pseudo-scholars are up to no good.