Isnin, 16 Mac 2009

Dilemma of a Rausyanfikir

"Being a Muslim intellectual is a lonely and tough business. Half of the time, half of your audience do not know what you are talking about; the reminder of the time they are busy undermining everything you stand for and write about."

-Ziauddin Sardar-

Ziauddin Sardar was an advisor to Anwar Ibrahim way back in the 90's. He is not on the same level as Nasr or al-Attas nonetheless, his writings on postmodernism and critics on Westernization has served my intellectual apetite quite well! ( See what kind of people Anwar had engaged with. Do not ever dream to produce de-captialistic, de-politicus Anwar Ibrahim version 2.0 if you are still a captive minded Islamic movement. A captive to Project Modernity.)

I am in the midst of revising one subject called Solid, and Hazardous Waste Management for today's (already 12 am) test. Somehow or rather my mind is not really in the state of revising the subject.

Credit to bro. Hasanul, a Singaporean Attasian (or Naquibian) just like me and few others, for highlighting this interesting quote through his cheeky blog.  

Am I  fit to be categorized as the one being referred to in that quotation? I am not sure but the symptoms are as clear as ever. Final year of my life in UTP has turned out to be the most misunderstood period of my life as a UTPian than I ever thought. I feel like an alien in this place. But I guess, this is the price for defying the conventional way of thinking, be it as a university student or as an Islamic activist. 

Is it a dialectic or an intellectual suicide? Depends on your position. If you are fanatic to a particular group, I might be described as maniac who try to challenge the so-called legitimate champion of Islam in campus. In another perspective, people who rationally dissect my arguments meticulously will see the positive view of this euphoria ( yes, as if I am conspiring something against them) as part and parcel of intellectual dialectics in improving the da'wah machinery in campus.

I believe most people had judged me merely based on my writings through this blog. Rausyanfikir the blogger and Rausyanfikir in his ontological being is more than meets the eye. As a blogger, your ideas and thoughts are confined to bytes and pieces of electronic signal. As a human being that being bounded by space and time, your reality and existence carries your true essence as God's creature.

Thank God, in this turbulent time, there are some who still believe and supportive of my effort. To whom it may concern, I pray that God will cherish your life with wisdom. 

Now I understand the meaning of hasad, ikhlas and khianat in activism. From my own experience lately, I could imagine the pain of the great ulama' in the past being confronted with the same scenario like this. So it is normal to be misunderstood or worse being labeled as a pest in the struggle. I am not in the same mould of al-Ghazali or Fakhr Din al-Razi but at least I share their spirit of upholding Truth and Reality eventhough your life and reputation will be at stake!

Even great scholar like Prof. al-Attas had walked on this painful path for being firm to his conviction. Man of Truth indeed.

Perhaps, this is just a test to improve myself as a Muslim by submitting myself in its fullest sense to God in whatever condition it might be - good or bad. Sure enough, this is the basic tenet of Islam.

Ah, this is where the relevance of Tassawuf comes into the picture. For this, I have to be very grateful to Prof. al-Attas and his students who have done a great job by being  faithful to Islamic tradition in elucidating its spiritual and intellectual dimension through their writings and lectures. I have never seen and 'feel' my religion, Islam being pictured in beautiful manner other than through the lense of Sufism. 

No body ever told me about Rumi, Hafiz, Sa'di, Al-Ghazali, Ibn Ata'Allah and other great metaphysicians in usrah before. The sweetness of certainy (yaqin) from the attainment of meaning (ma'na) by the means of knowledge seeking - in ta'dib sense, that I have gone through in few engagements with fellow Attasian scholars have really changed my life not just as a Muslim but as a human being.

It was not easy. Skepticism was there throughout the engagement (it is normal if you were being trained (tarbiyyah) under the rubric of Political Islam) but as time passes by, the Fountain of Certainty gush forth and I was drowned for awhile (Rumi-esque kind of expression).

1400 years of history suddenly become alive. 

Again, I ponder about it.

I would give anything for al-Haqq.

"He granteth wisdom to whom He pleaseth; and he to whom wisdom is granted receiveth indeed a benefit overflowing; but none will grasp the Message but men of understanding." (Holy Quran, 2:269)

Happy seeking!


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Faridzul Nasaruddin berkata...

Don't ever imagine to live in an easy path of life if you claim to be a Man of al-Haqq. There is no express way to establish ma'ruf on this earth. So long as you stand still on your conviction, the future is in your hand.
Ask Allah when you are doubted.

Rausyanfikir berkata...

Thnx bro. A very good piece of advice. Definitely not easy.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Akhi, walau jauh, ana sntiasa support nta...

teruskan berfikir dan bertindak untuk Islam..

Tanpa Nama berkata...

semoga berjaya di dunia wal akhirat.. jagalah amal ibadat kerna ia kekuatan kita dalam menghadapi musuh. lame tak nampk abang kat masjid waktu subuh..jumpe nanti

Rausyanfikir berkata...

T kasih kepada semua yg sudi memberi sokongan moral.Ana solat subuh di surau v3 je.huhu.

alFaisal berkata...

Kadangkala apabila memilih untuk berdiri tegas dengan prinsip dan ilmu yang kita peroleh sekadar mampu, memilih jalan yang dilihat seolah-olah berbeza daripada kebiasaan. Kita disalahtanggap dan lebih teruk dianggap sebagai musuh. Tidak kira betapa kita cuba menggambarkan bahawa kita cukup terbuka untuk perbincangan.

Membaca coretan-coretan saudara sebelum ni membuatkan saya nampak apa yang saudara lalui di kampus hampir sama dengan apa yang pernah saya lalui. Moga saudara terus istiqamah dan berpegang teguh pada prinsip dan istiqamah dalam perjuangan.

"Jika kamu mahu menjadi seorang yang mempunyai pandangan, maka jadilah seorang yang mempunyai pendirian. Sesungguhnya pandangan (yang baik) akan menjadi rosak hanya kerana kamu berbelah bagi"- al-Mutanabbi

firusfansuri berkata...

Ya akhi,
Fasobrun jamiil..
[Yusuf (12): 18 & 83]

Patience is the best..
A sign of His beauty.

If Allah brings you to it,
He will bring you through it.

“Suffering is a gift. In it is hidden mercy.”

"When something unique becomes many,
it loses its value.
Yet many are the sorrows of the heart
but they become precious gems
on the path to the Beloved."

Jalaluddin al-Rumi.

Go on. Endure it.
Allahu ma'ak,
in sya Allah.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

fayshal, hang ni golongan tercicir ni. hang tak cukup tajarrud kah dengan pemikiran yang tidak selaras dengan gerakan harakah islamiyyah? hang tak tau ka banyak golongan sufi tersesat? hang ni. padan muka hang kesepian. tgk cam aku kat pmc, rilek ja hidup macam dalam zoo. hehe.. hang jangan nak memandai2. hang ingat hang dapat bina negara islam dengan puisi2 dan diskusi2 hang? merepekla hang ni. hang kena wala' dengan pemimpin dan intima' dengan perjuangan islam.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

assalamualaikum ustaz
semacam ustaz hampir berputus asa
saya tidak paham kenapa orang mempertikaikan kredibiliti ustaz?
adakah kerana ustaz masih bergelar mahasiswa atau seorang mahasiswa itu tidak layak untuk berjuang kerana Islam..
mungkin bagi seorang wanita, ungkapan sabar yang boleh saya lafazkan untuk ustaz,tetapi saya harap ustaz tak berputus asa
saya pernah mengikuti ceramah ustaz di surau apium satu masa dulu..dan saya harap ada peluang untuk mendengar kuliah ustaz lagi..

di mana bumi dipijak,di situ Islam dijunjung

Rausyanfikir berkata...

Wassalam kpd semua, terima kasih kepada sokongan dan motivasi.

To acabeire: Amboi, sedapnya usik aku.Haha! Kalo fikir2 balikkan, Allah dah takdirkan untuk aku "tinggalkan" jalan harakiyyah ala PAS dan jumpa korang semua. Ada hikmah disebalik 'kefuturan' aku dlm jemaah Islam kampus.haha. sama la macam ko acab. Budak2 PAS Ireland nak sepak ko kuar, kami sini sedia sambut! Hehe. Insya-Allah, kalau ko perasan, budak2 PKPIM malah ABIM pun sedang dibawa arus revolusi ala Nursiyyah dan Attasiyyah (ceh, pandai2 je aku wat namaa camni.) huhu.

To pearl jade: Wassalam saudari.Putus asa itu tidak la juga. Biasala. Sebagai manusia ini menandakan kita lemah. Bila lemah, maka kita pasti berkehendak kepada Allah. kalau semua smooth je, nanti kita lupa Tuhan pulak kan? Kredibiliti ana tidak dipertikaikan cuma-nya sedih dan kecewa bagaimana sahabat2 Jemaah Islam Kampus respons kepada perbezaan idealisme ini. Alhamdulillah, setakat ini, diri ana dapat dimanfaatkan oleh sahabat2 di luar. Walaupun di kampus seperti Hollow Man, tp syukur di luar sahabat2 memberi ruang dan peluang untuk ana berkongsi ilmu dan pengalaman untuk sama2 bina kekuatan di kampus. Insya-Allah, saudari jgn bimbang. HAMKA pun pernah rasa nak bunuh diri.Huhu.T Kasih kerana sudi mengikuti ceramah ana di APIUM tempoh hari. Itu pun ceramah tangkap muat sahaja. Insya-Allah, kalau sahabat2 UM panggil ada rezeki ketemu lagi lain kali.


Nurfaiz Foat berkata...

jarang bagi komen kat sini..hanya selalu baca dan buat kajian serba sikit, sebab kat sini masih tercari-cari seorang guru yang boleh guide saya..

bro, teruskan sahaja apa yang diperjuangkan..jangan rasa down sangat..

kadangkala kene berhenti seketika dari perjalanan perjuangan kita di dunia ni. Tengok sekeliling, lakukan sedikit persediaan, dan teruskan berjalan semula.

have a nice day ;D

faizah berkata...

salam bro..
entri kali nie touching sket..
whatever you do
we are always support you...
only Allah,you n ur frens really know who you are
whatever people said,juz ignore them..

cheer up..
life is a journey!!

Rausyanfikir berkata...

T kasih kepada Semua yg memberi sokongan. Korg ni kalau pos artikel ekonomi xda sape nak komen. Bab2 manusiawi laju je. Haha. Patutla laju je. Nantila saya tulis pasal cinta.Hehe.

aediasri berkata...

salam saudara rausyanfikir

Ziauddin sardar tu penulis prakata dalam buku 'who need an islamic state' tu kan?

buku tu sangat bagus, dan juga sangat mencabar!

tak sangka pulak beliau dulu penasihat DS anwar.

Rausyanfikir berkata...


Eh bukan. Buku tu dia tulis prakata je.

Buku Ziauddin Sardar bnyk antarany "Why people hate America".

Yup, dia advisor anwar. Dia creative and critical thinker. Tp bukan taraf ulama' la.

aediasri berkata...


betul lah dia tulis prakata je

penulis buku ti el-affendy kalau tak silap

pasti saudara dah baca kan

anyway, nak baca buku tu kena buat persediaan

kena baca banyak buku-buku lain

ni berkata...

Dude, your English is weird. I know you've met international people and wrote jackload of shit in English, but it doesn't sound good, your sentences.

Ever think about getting someone to edit your blog? Why don't you just write in Malay if that's the language you're best at?

No offence yah.