Rabu, 26 November 2008

Kekeliruan berkenaan Ketuanan Melayu

Kalau sesiapa ada Facebook boleh rujuk debat hangat tentang ketuanan melayu di sini.

Kalau tak ada baca je lah komentar saya di bawah. Sebenarnya berbentuk dialog tapi saya campur adukkan semua.

Saya tak suka bicara isu nasional dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Hendaknya pula yang datang berdialog itu pelajar-pelajar Malaysia yang berada di Eropah. Apabila kita guna Bahasa Inggeris untuk berdialog perkara penting berkenaan isu nasional, kita akan memasukkan sekali bagasi-bagasi pandangan alam Barat. 

Negara Islam dan Islamic State secara harfiahnya sama maksud. Tapi dari segi konsepnya berbeza mengikut pandangan alam Islam dan Barat.

Tanpa buang masa rujuk sahajalah di bawah:

Part I

This is a dialectic process. Civilized debate is welcome. 

Let me shed some arguments. 

The Malay has never been racist to any races in Malaysia. We are the most generous race in this region. We have never asked the Chinese or the Indians to ASSIMILATE like the Thais and Indonesian ask others to do.

We give open spaces for them to carry with their respective vernacular schools, guilds etc.

We never asked them to change their name to Ahmad, Kassim etc.

Jus Soli principle was perhaps
the most lenient policy to accept the immigrants from India and China.

The Chinese before they came ( Chinese Diaspora as they called it) to Tanah Melayu was rejected by Burma, Ceylon (Sri Lanka nowdays), Thailand.

Only the Malay accept them as RAKYAT, EVENTHOUGH at first they can't speak Malay. Even now the majority of Chinese can't speak Bahasa fluently.Not like their counterpart in Thailand and Indonesia.

We, the Malays are the single race in modern era to accept 500,000 Chinese within a SINGLE DAY to be RAKYAT of Tanah Melayu WITHOUT undergoing any kind of examination and vetting process.

Mind you, for an immigrant to be an American, he/she need to LEARN the history of America,the constitution, proficiently in English, and PLEDGE to the flag of the USA too before being given the status of American citizenship.

Now, I am not trying to dehumanize the Chinese or the Indian as they are part of our legitimate Malaysian society.

But what Im concern is, despite all of the generosities and warmth welcome we gave to the Chinese, and the Indians, WHY SOME of them ARE QUESTIONING THE MALAY RIGHTS? 

We do not impose ANY SUBJUGATIVE elements upon the Chinese and Indians to DEFORM their culture, languages JUST because they want to be Malaysian WAY BACK during the Jus Soli era.

Have the Chinese given anything in return for this generous treatment by the Malay leaders before (way back before Merdeka)?

Part II

The nature of reality, according to Prof. al-Attas is DIFFERENCE. 

The big question now, how WE THE MALAYSIANS settle among ourselves about our differences?

The conception of justice must never be defined on the basis of  "
greatest good for the greatest number" as in the utilitarianism of J S Mill. Islam does not consider Truth lies among the majority IF the majority has astrayed from the True path or did not posses true understanding of al-haqq ( reality and truth). 

Look at Singapore. How about the Malay there? Are they being given equal rights after being ruled by Kuan Yew's PAP? Do you think the Malays in Malaysia are blind about their counterpart's current condition? The rights of the Malay, especially that carries the Islamic philosophical framework such as Bahasa Melayu, MUST NEVER BE QUESTIONED by other races.

Of course we can question the DEB's IMPLEMENTATION. 

Well somebody might say, why the Malay has special treament for 30%?

What is 30% of wealth for the 60% (which is the Malay) of the whole Malaysian populations? 

The poverty among the races MUST never be attributed to DEB as such.

Is DEB racist? Nope. 

Kita tak perlu tebang pokok DEB. Kita buang buah yang busuk, kita tukar tukang kebun yang korup. Kepimpinan Melayu yang Adil, yang memahami Sejarah, Agama Islam dengan baik mampu memberi keadilan ( meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya) dengan baik. 

Yoga is haram. Thats it. Why should the Indians question "why use the word Haram?" Haram is an Islamic concept of justice being given to the things that are against the Islamic creed,law etc. 

When an Indian questioning that ( as what those feminist questioning fatwa on Pengkid) that is already a mark of trespassing upon the Malay/Islamic rights in issuing fatwas for its community. 

Part III

As for me, more dialogue need to be done among the GRASS ROOT members. Not the chauvinistic politicians. Should be among the scholars of respective races. 

Part IV

To Alvin,

Sadly, your post modernist antic will not determine whether I am right or not. I wish I could accomadate on your so-called "equality, fraternity, and justice".

The Malay, Chinese and Indians worldviews
have different conception on those subject matters. 

Your view on so-called progressive is not equal to ours. Perhaps your meaning of progressive dates back to the Renaissance and Enlightenment but ours are totally NOT like that. 

Only the miniscule secular, westernized Muslim will jump into your bandwagon of "progressive" of the Renaissance and Enlightenment.

The best out of this problem is respect for each other's rights!

(Alvin ridicules my English)

I answered:

So do about my English. Millions of Malay, Chinese and Indians cannot speak English well, but that does not make them a loser! 

As I said earlier, I have no qualms about having Chinese, and Indians as Malaysians. The modern Malay, Chinese and Indians (particularly the Western educated, pampered by wealth and luxury) have blatant disregard on the historical context of the Malay Civilization. 

You might score 20A1 for your SPM or whatever exams you have undergone, but sadly those intelligent fellas like you (referring to Alvin) who always misinterpret the historical context of our social contract. The Chinese, Indians of our forefathers esp pre-13th May is far more understandable on this matter. Read the speeches by Tan Cheng Lok and T Sambathan.

Before PKR came into power, NO BODY is challenging the DEB per se. The only thing DAP, MCA said was to overhaul the IMPLEMENTATION of the policy. There are huge differences between abolishing DEB as well overhauling the IMPLEMENTATION part of it.

Now, they are into religious matters. What d heck is this?

Part V

To Aimran,

Its better for us to meet to discuss this thing deeper. I dont like to speak about "perpaduan" in English as it will carry the baggage of certain conceptual notions of Western world view which is so alien to us as the Muslim.

Being taught and scored A's for the subject is totally different with being taught and ABSORBED the MEANING of history.

Why I am defending the Malay rights ? ( I don't like the word Malay supremacist because we are not supreme at all)

It is due to the significance of its role as the backbone of ISLAMIC INSTITUTIONS (Sultanate, Bahasa, Reserve land) in our country is being carried by the Malay Identity so much so there is hardly any differences between Islamic identity and the Malay one.

Of course I agree when it comes to the poor, regardless their races, we must help them. I do also agree that the Malay must never be given tongkat all the time.

But you have to remember Aimran that once you wallop ONE Malay Institution, the Chinese and the Indians will ask for more. 

If your read the history of how Andalusia being taken over by the Christian you will understand what I meant.

No choice. The Malay, the Just one must lead the nation. 

Tan Cheng Lok has agreed with Tunku earlier that, the Chinese will handle the economic matters and the Malay will handle the poltical part. Both of them agree to work together in order to build this country.

As for me, what we need to do is to REVIVE BACK THE OLD SPIRIT of our forefathers in handling this racial matters.

Part VI

For me, Anwar Ibrahim, is a post modernist politician. He always flucutuate his causes in order for him to be acceptable to everybody.

UMNO must learn their lessons and apologize to every single person that has been demonized by him.

I believe the Malay leaders will never banish the Chinese and Indians like what you have understood under the pretext of Ketuanan Melayu. Even Tun understand the importance of Chinese and Indians.

The bottomline is, everybody got their proper places in this country. Don't simply deconstruct everything without prior knowledge on the historical and the relevancy of the Malay as the formal leader on this land. 

As long the Chinese and the Indians do not assimilate and accept Dasar Budaya Kebangsaan properly and sincerely, you can only dream Chinese and Indian Obama for thousands years later.


Let us solve major issues like poverty, corruption without ever turning our cheek upon racial colours. 

Part VII

Aimran, I wish I could support your argument wholeheartedly.

I trust the ordinary citizens from every races. 

But I dont trust the politicians.

So, when your arguments being put forth into a political game,
the reality will emerge bleaker than you might think.

Like I said, the Worldview of Chinese leaders, and the Indians when it comes to understand the meaning OF JUSTICE, POWER, EQUALITY is never the same like the WORLD VIEW OF THE MALAY WHICH DEEPLY INGRAINED in Al Quran and Sunnah.

Once you open a floodgate, you can never stop it.

At first I dont understand this whole Ketuanan Melayu but when i talk to the old guards, understanding the philosophy of history of this land, it is indeed a valid one.

No choice. We need to develop a well capable Malay leaders who understand the wordview of Islam to bring trust back to all races.

But it must be in Malay Muslim conceptual framework by not ALIENATING THE HISTORICAL tradition of the Malay civilization's contribution in Nusantara.

To my Chinese and Indian friends, no harm as I do not have any interest to salvage your rights as Malaysian Chinese and Malaysian Indians.

But if the Malay leaders have done injustices to you people, we need to wallop him down.

BUT in Islam we have to timbang tara antara maslahah yang bakal timbul jika coup de'tat dilakukan. Ingat, ada harga yang cukup besar jikalau anwar dengan 'KETUANAN RAKYATNYA' berkuasa.


They just care about people sentiments rather than principle. They know BM is Bahasa Kebangsaan and must be protected yet in this issue they talk about it softly as I belive, by championing this cause, it will jeorpadize their stature on the basis of populist reason.

Like I said, EVERYBODY GOT THEIR PROPER PLACES IN THIS COUNTRY. By levelling the people accordig to Anwar's notion of justice of ketuanan rakyat, you are sidelining the Islamic insitutions bit by bit.

Letih la nak type. Baik minum kat kedai borak.


Friends, Im not a racist. I have high regards for our forefathers who have done so much for this country.

The notion of "Ketuanan Melayu" must be understood properly in its historical context. 

The discourse of "Ketuanan Melayu" has been hijacked by the CERTAIN (not all) capitalist in UMNO to justify their means in hegemonizing wealth and power.

The real problem in this country does not lies upon the notion of "Ketuanan Melayu" but on the perpetrators of the injustices (read: the Machivaelian, chauvinistic, greedy leaders) itself.

So, what we should do is to
cut off the bad apples and place a new gardener to cultivate the orchard (read: Ketuanan Melayu).

I can guarantee you that a just (read: putting things on the right places) Malay leaders be it from UMNO and PAS, can do wonders for all races.

Aimran, the reason being the Malay need to be recognized in special manner is due to " sumbangan akhlakiah, budaya dan ketamadunan di rantau ini".

I reject the post-modernist version of politics that being carried over by PKR which deconsecrate all values so that it can be determined by the majority. 

Our leaders should evaluate certain proposal/issues based on PRINCIPLES rather than the voices of majority

Perbahasan di atas adalah bersifat spontan. Maka saya percaya ada beberapa kelemahan logika yang mungkin wujud.

Sekali lagi saya perkatakan bahawa saya ini bukan perkauman tetapi hanya MEMPERTAHANKAN HAK SAYA selaku umat Melayu Muslim di negara ini.

Sila baca keratan majalah Al-Islam di bawah yang memuatkan temu bual bersama guru falsafah dan pemikiran Islam saya, Prof. Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud. Lain masa saya akan tulis berkenaan isu Ketuanan Melayu. Tengah buat kajian lagi.

12 ulasan:

Amin Ahmad berkata...

Saya fikir menolak apa yang sdr fikir bagasi dari pandangan alam Barat pada saya melucukan :)

Rausyanfikir berkata...

Apa yg melucukan amin?

Adakah anda tidak menerima konsep pandangan alam?

Aqil Fithri berkata...


sebenarnya, setiap ilmu ada pandangan-alamnya, atau istilah lain, weltanschuung.

mudahnya, ilmu itu tidak universal. tapi ia datang bersekali dengan nilai2. dan nilai2 inilah yang membuatkan fikiran kita anjal.

boleh saya susuli dengan contoh? :-)

Puan Ainon Mohd. berkata...

"Apabila kita guna Bahasa Inggeris untuk berdialog perkara penting berkenaan isu nasional, kita akan memasukkan sekali bagasi-bagasi pandangan alam Barat."

- Saya setuju (banyak buktinya).

Tanpa Nama berkata...

assalamualaikum wbt.
saya memang tidak cenderung kepada PKR. pada saya PAS punya prinsip, walaupun memang slow nak terima perubahan. takpela, kita tunggulah. insyaAllah, jika Allah mengharapkan kebaikan kepada kita semua. saya teringat hadith mengatakan pemimpin harus dari kaum terbesar (hadith quraisy di kota mekah). pemahaman hadith ini penting dalam konteks konstruktif pegangan kuasa dan perlaksanaan syariah. khalifah di zaman tamadun Islam juga akan cenderung kepada memperkukuhkan mereka, sekalipun ditentang ulama dalam sesetengah perkara. dalam perihal demokrasi misalnya, hal kaum majoriti menjadi pemerintah amat perlu, bagi mengekalkan kuasa dan keamanan.
kita masih berteori sebenarnya. banyak lagi yang perlu kita kerah dan sesuaikan dengan peredaran zaman. AKParty misalnya, masih terdapat kelompongan dalam dasar sekular liberalnya, terutamanya dari segi aspek Islamisma masyarakat dan tarbiyah ahli parti.

Rausyanfikir berkata...

wassalam acap,

Setuju sangatlah. Memang dalam masa ni PAS yang paling relevan tapi aku tetap ikut prinsip. Kalau PAS salah macam kes nama Allah yang masih dalam court case, salah tetap salah.

Dalam hal ketuanan Melayu, walaupun aku mual dengan UMNO, tidak dapat tidak demi maslahah umum yang mendatang, UMNO mesti diselamatkan.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

For some reason tak tahu kenapa tak boleh open facebook link tuh. Bila klik dier just pegi home instead pegi page seperti yang disebutkan.

Pada pandangan saya memperjuangkan ketuanan melayu tuh bukanlah dah tak relevan tapi jangan lah jadikan bahasa dan bangsa sebagai sempadan esp dalam mempersatukan orang2 Islam. Tak ke sentimen macam ni yang kamal artatuk gunakan dulu? Mana nak tahu silap2 orang yang saudara debat tuh orang islam cuma bukan berbangsa melayu..

Agama Islam bukan Milik Melayu

Anyway, ko slalu tulis artikel yang best dibaca. Teruskan..

Aqil Fithri berkata...


saya pula sebenarnya tidak setuju Umno diselamatkan. biarlah Umno berusaha secara sendiri untuk menyelamatkan dirinya. tidak perlu yang diluar Umno membantu.

Umno, pada saya, adalah barah negara. sekiranya dibiarkan, negara kita akan lebih merana. sekarang budaya Umno sudah makin sinonim dengan budaya melayu. sangat malang sekali.

sebab itu, jangan kerana kita bimbang pada sesuatu yang belum kita ketahui, lalu kita mempertahankan sesuatu yang memang kita ketahui sudah begitu teruk.

Rausyanfikir berkata...

secara harfiahnya Umno memang punca masalah tetapi dari segi jangka masa panjang dan strategik Melayu dan Islam, Umno perlu diselamatkan juga.

Panjang hujahnya. Lain kali saya kemukakan.

Kalau PAS pun naik sama pertahankan Melayu sungguh-sunguh tidak akan saya risau Umno terkubur.

Aqil Fithri berkata...

ya, saudara benar, memang ada yang melihat islam akan kuat dengan melayu. hujah ini memang dasar sejarahnya, dan ada aspek politiknya.

tapi, saya fikir untuk memilih berbeza dgn al-attas. malah, yang saya fikirkan sekarang, kedatangan islam ke tanah melayu rupa2nya telah menghapuskan beberapa tradisi yang baik utk melayu.

saya fikir, dengan islam seperti yang dibudayakan oleh sebahagian besar kaum melayu dewasa ini, ianya adalah amat mengecewakan.

sebab itu, adalah lebih untuk kita menggali islam yang dalam konteks nabi, bukannya islam yang tekskan dengan kaum-kaum tertentu.

hehehe! :-)

Rausyanfikir berkata...

Saya pula berbeza dengan encik aqil.

Kita harus ingat terdapat "stagnant period" yang lama dalam sejarah Melayu dimana zaman penjajahan ratusa tahun berlaku.

Jikalau kita ingin buat perbandingan kualiti Islam yang dianuti Melayu pada zaman Melaka dan yang ada sekarang, saya berani kata yang ada dahulu lebih solid aqidahnya.

Rata2 yang ulama' yang ada sekarang banyak berpendidikan di Timur Tengah pasca Muhammad Abduh.

Kalau dibandingkan teks aqidah yang diajar dalam usrah, sekolah pada waktu kini yang banyak diambil daripada kefahaman Ibn Taimiyah tidak sama langsung dengan aqidah yang diajar oleh ulama' silam yang berwibawa seperti Nuruddin raniri, Hamzah fansuri, Syakh Daud Fattani, Abdul Rauf Singkel.

Teks aqidah ulama' silamlah yang paling sama dengan aliran aqiah Asyaiiriah dan Maturidiyah yang menjadi asas utama kepada pembentukan pandangan alam Islam yang telah melahirkan tamadun islam ribuan tahun di Eropah, Afrika dan Asia.

Maka jikalau ditanya kenapa kita jadi begini, jangan salahkan orang lalu kerana sememangnya mereka itu lebih baik daripada kita. Masakan bagiamana Melaka jadi hebat tanpa aqidah yang mantap.

Kalau kita ikut hujah Wahhabi semua benda dipermudahkan sampai hilang makna sebenar akan kepentingan sejarah.

Dont worry. Prof al-attas sedang tulis satu buku pasal Misteri Sejarah Melayu.

Lain kali saya kupaskan lagi.

Aqil Fithri berkata...

ya, menarik tajuk bukunya tersebut. saya amat menunggu, kerana tesisnya sebelum ini ttg keagungan peradaban melayu pasca-islam agak lemah. malah, tesis ini makin lemah bila banyak data2 baru ditemui yang menunjukkan sebaleknya.