Isnin, 11 Ogos 2008

Going for Gold

So the so-called biggest event in the planet (Olympic with stupid Bird Nest shaped stadium that using tonnes of metals) had risen up the curtain. The EPL is also starting to kick off in a week time. As usual, the sombre mood of Malaysian men beginning to divide into these events. Hopefully I will not be carried away as much as others (of course I support Man Utd too).

My goal for the Gold this month (perhaps till the end of the year) is to finish reading these two important books.

Mind you, Islam and Secularism is a very tough one to read. In order to supplement my lack of understanding of Islam and Secularism, I need to read The Educational Philosophy and Practice of Prof. Syed Naquib Al-Attas that was written by Prof. Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud, my great teacher of Philosophy and Islamic Thought. As a second man after Al-Attas in carrying the burden of 'Islamization of Contemporary Knowledge' project with few other excellent students of Al-Attas, this book does an excellent job in refuting and analyzing the critics and pseudo-Islamization (de-Islamization too) project that has been carried out by many others. Well of course reading those two books alone is not enough as one must seek the understanding from the teacher itself. I guess I need to make some few appointments with Prof. Wan for this matter later.

You can say that this book is far more easier to be read than Al-Attas one. Thank to Allah I have been blessed with the ability to read English books after being trained profusely by my mother since primary school. Of course during those days, I read Goosebumps a lot.

I would like to recommend to the Malay readers who wished to read Al-Attas ideas but being hampered by inability in English language proficiency to read these two books:

Actually as being told by Dr.Ugi Suharto, Islam and Secularism was born from Risalah untuk Kaum Muslimin. So Risalah also is important book to be read but I prefer to finish Islam and Secularism first. The Malay-version of Prof Wan's book is not as good as the English version ( I do find the translation is a bit dodgy). But nonetheless for Malay-language readers, it is specially cater for you. So no more excuse for not to read these kind of books.

So tomorrow and on Wednesday I will get my chance to exert my thoughts 100% on my favourite subject which is of course BOOKS! But of course the books which I refer to are the SERIOUS KIND OF BOOKS. As Francis Bacon, the English philosopher has said:

"some books are to be tasted, others
to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested."

As for me, those two books pictured above are the ones that needed to be chewed and digested in building up my thinking framework as being suggested by my teacher, Prof. Wan.

While on Friday the 15th my teacher will be launching his Malay Thoughts and Epistemology of the Malay World discourse series at UKM. Hope I can be there because I have planned to continue my post graduate (part time basis as I'm being bonded to PETRONAS) with Prof Wan maybe around 2010. Some of my family members feel quite shocked for a Chemical Engineering students like me has decided to continue his knowledge seeking journey into 'Malay Studies' kind of field.

I also don't know how on earth I have diverted my knowledge compass so awkwardly but one thing for sure, I am not doing this for the sake of material benefit( for sure, no Corporations would like to employ Malay studies intellectual) but for the sake of Islam as Ad-Din (in Islam and Secularism, Al-Attas had brilliantly expounded the meaning of din and linked it with strong concepts that matter the most in building up the Islamic Worldview). Before this my mum was very opposing to my plan but now she has become by biggest supporter. That of course happen after she noticed my writings in Siasah and the books that I left on the coffee table look so alien to her.

All of you are cordially invited for this important event.

And on Saturday the 16th one whole day of Islamization of Knowledge workshop that is organzied by ASASI at ATMA UKM. It is limited for 25 people only which I am lucky enough to be offered a place by brother Aqil Fithri. So my task for this event is to understand the content of the discourse (it is not organized by Al-Attas' students) and try to form a discussion group of young thinkers. I hope I would not be the youngest participant.

So those are the updates of my activities for this week and next week another conference on higher learning education need to be attended in UKM also. I hope your mind will be active as ever as the famous saying goes:

" Idle mind is the devil's workshop"

Till then keep reading and thinking for the Ummah!


Just received a file from Kak Fatin SAM that my abstract entitled "Islam, Pendidikan Tinggi, dan Pembangunan" has been accepted to be tabled in the "Seminar Kebangsaan Fiqh dan Pemikiran Islam Lestari". I am totally shocked by this because brother Nizam and Anwar of SAM has decided to call off from joining the event due to the expensive presentation fees (by the way I made the abstract in a hurry as I was late for the submission).

But it seems the organizer has reduced it to RM300 for insititutions and whereas for students presenter only for RM150. Thank God its cheaper than before. Honestly, this means my work load is going to increase more than what I have planned! Praise be to Allah. I have been thinking to integrate some of Prof. Al-Attas ideas, Third World scholars and my personal experience as a Chemical Engineering students as the foundation of my paper which I have not done anything yet. This is the first time in my life, God Willing I will be presenting a paper in a conference. Happy in the same time cuak. Hope Allah will guide me in this time of complexities.

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Sang Kelana berkata...

I've read your blog for long. May Allah give you a great future upon you. We need young thinkers like you who thinks islamically of this worldly affair.Keep up the good work!

Rausyanfikir berkata...

Terima Kasih En Kelana.Sokongan anda semua menjadi motivasi buat saya untuk terus berkongsi.Semoga mendapat manfaat.