Sabtu, 15 Mac 2008

Harga minyak turun? Jangan mimpi!

Sesiapa yang faham bahasa inggeris silalah tekuni statement di bawah ini. Sekarang, ye sekarang USA dalam recession dan US Dollar dah merudum! Sila baca selanjutnya di bawah.

Today, the NYT is telling us that, "oil, foodstuffs and many other raw materials are priced in dollars, and as the currency falls in value, suppliers of these commodities demand higher prices just to stay even."

Suppose all of these commodities were priced in pig intestines and the dollar fell? It would cost us more dollars to buy pig intestines and therefore it would cost us more dollars to buy oil, foodstuffs and other raw materials. Come on folks, this is real simple, it doesn't matter what currency is used to keep the accounts, if the dollar falls in value, the cost of everything will rise in dollar terms.

This piece also commits the sin of having an economist, who somehow missed the housing bubble, say that it would be bad for the dollar to keep falling. This economist is wrong yet again. The surest way to stimulate the economy is to have the dollar keep falling. It will increase our exports and decrease our imports. This process must happen in any case and it is best that it happen as soon as possible.

--Dean Baker

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. berkata...

yupp!! berdasarkan keadaan semasa,mmg harga minyak x bleh diturunkan... tapi, jika dilihat dr sudut lain, terutama dr subsidi, insyaAllah harga minyak bleh kekal munasabh...duit2 yg dulunye smpai ke poket2 pemimpin BN, ditmbah lg dgn korupsi2 yg melanda, jika pembangkang bijak menyalurkan wang2 dr sumber2 ni ke dlm subsidi minyak, mgkin harge minyak akan kekal munasabh..